Friday, 17 May 2019

Pink Shirt Day

Today is pink shirt day. The whole school had to wear pink clothes to stand up against bullying.  At Good Shepherd School we support bully free week.  Today I wore a pink top and a pink jaket with track pants.


This term we've been fouusing on the water cycle and so we decided to do a littel experiment.
We got someone to blow a ballon half way and push on it lightly passing it around for everyone to 
have a turn.After that we blew a baloon a bit bigger but we didin't tie the knot we put the ballon in the water then let go.

Friday, 29 March 2019

Up, Up and Away -Dr Seuss

This is my hot air balloon that we created
to show that our goals are gonig to take up
to new heights.

Growth Mindset - Goal Bunting

Each student in room 6 has made a bunting triangles
to show ur growthmindset goal and motto that we want
to work on.come and check them out

Jesus Strand-Religous Education

During term one we have been earning about Jesus
the Son of God .This is my cube on how Jesus showed us that God loved us all
as his children.We are all blessed with gifts of faith,hope and love.

Friday, 22 March 2019

St Joseph's

Tuesday 19th March was St Joseph’s Day Feast Day. The whole school attended mass to celebrate the leadership Saint Joseph showed. Saint Joseph is also special to our school because Saint MacKillop and the Sisters of St Joseph were inspired by Saint Joseph. Saint Joseph is also the foster father of Jesus. The following day, the whole school came together to celebrate with fun tabloid sports in our houses. We all got to play so many fun and exciting games. Thank you to our leaders who prepared this.

Friday, 15 March 2019

My Accident Story

The Daredevil

February 2019

By Rosa

I am learning to entertain my audience through a recount.

Me, Rosa as a three year old was the daredevil of the family, always trying to find new ways of getting into trouble. However there was my older brother Titi, the good child that would always get to do things I wasn’t allowed to do. My mum would say always say, “It is because Titi is older!” But this average afternoon was where I took my chance and where the adventure began.

I clutched my fingers around the bars of the gate as if I was in jail, watching my perfect brother going down the hill on his flash bike. He was allowed outside of the prison, while I was trapped inside the gates. I would ride my plastic motorbike on my flat pathway seeing the view of my brother zooming past me down the hill having the best time of his life while I was suffering in a cage and having no fun at all. This happened every time we rode our bikes.

Today was a regular day of bike riding my mum as always was supervising me and my brother as he went down the hill and I went up and down the flat path until… ring, ring the phone rang. There at that moment, my mum opened the gate rushing to get the phone forgetting to close the gate behind her. I knew that this was my moment to shine.

I got my motorbike ready looking side to side then I walked through the gate of the prison and rushed up the hill with my motorbike. Finally I was on top of the hill, “Brum, brum!” getting the engines ready. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 … blast off, at this point I was trying to put my foot on the ground to push but I keep going faster and faster I could see my brother rushing towards me, and mum joining in the panic.

I was having the best time of my life screaming with excitement with that wind blowing on my face … but on the other hand mum was screaming and waving at me. I thought it

was strange so I took my hands of the handle bars and did a huge wave back to mum, “Hi Mum.” Then my bike started shaking going left and right before I went straight into a brick wall. BAM! I smashed my head on the brick wall screaming with pain as blood rushed from my forehead. Mum called the ambulance.

The ambulance took me to the hospital and gave me five stitches in my forehead, I had concussion so I couldn't sleep because if I did my brain would have shut down. I still have that scar today and decided from that point on I would only ride my motorbike inside the prison gates.